Huobi 700 Usd New user registration bonus.

Anasayfa » Huobi 700 Usd New user registration bonus.

First of all, let’s answer the question that is on the minds of many people.’Is Huobi reliable?’

Guys; Hobi has not caused any problems to its users by not been hacked,since 2013,when it started operating. I consider huobi is one of the few worth using quality exchange markets.In addition, low commission rates, low borrowing interest rates for leveraged transactions, staking section and high annual return rates to various cryptocurrencies make Huobi the most advantageous exchange.I recommend you to use huobi, pay less commission for all your crypto money transactions, and perform fast and reliable deposit and withdrawal transactions.

As for the $700 new membership gift campaign; this event may be the most impressive campaign in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges.You receive part of this $700 reward as a commission discount and partly as a campaign card.

In order to participate in this campaign; You need to be a member of huobi for the first time.Also, you must be invited by a user who has the authority to invite you to this event.If you become a member of Huobi with the link in the video descriptions, you can benefit from this campaign.In addition, if you become a member with this link, you can get an extra 10 percent commission discount for life, participate in the 100000 $ airdrop lottery every day and participate in the big draw of 50 bitcoins every month.There are users who have won up to 2000 dollars at once with airdrops and sweepstakes. So,let’s become a member of Houbi.

When you click on the link in the video description, you will see the Huobi registration screen.On this screen, you can confirm that you will benefit from the $700 new membership gift campaign.All you need to do at this stage is to complete your membership process.After typing your e-mail address and the password you set, when you click on ‘send a verification code’, a code will be sent to your e-mail address you wrote above.When you enter this code in this field and click on the ‘sign up and get 700 dollars’ button, you will have completed the membership process.If you have signed up with your mobile phone’s browser, the next screen will ask you to install the Huobi mobile application.You have to install the Huobi mobile application in order to benefit from the ‘700 dollar campaign anyway.When you log in to your account and click on the reward center on the homepage, you will see the new user rewards tab.Since you are a member with the link in the video description, you will see 700 dollars on this screen.On this screen you will see 3 simple tasks that you need to complete to get the reward.

1-deposit 100 usdt(tether)coins within the specified time.

2-provide  trading volume of total $100

3-verify 3 authentication.

Authentication is confirmed in 15 minutes after uploading the required documents.

There are badges or crystals that you can earn by acquiring trading volume in the challenge missions section.These badges will be used later in pre-sale or airdrop events.

In addition, Huobi offers opportunities to earn 20 times for 1 or 30 times for 1 with pre-sale events.

When you complete the 3 tasks I just mentioned, you are entitled to win a new membership bonus of $ 700 and the rewards are loaded into your bag.

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